Pandemic Assistance Credits Coming to an End

  • — May 12 2021

The State of Montana has opted to end its participation in all pandemic Unemployment Insurance programs, including assistance to reimbursable employers introduced by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act and expanded by the American Rescue Plan.  See Governor Gianforte’s press release.

Pandemic assistance credits will not be posted to any reimbursable benefit charges on your employer account for weeks of unemployment after June 26th, 2021.

If you are a nonprofit, governmental or tribal entity, who has elected to make payments in lieu of contributions (i.e. you are a Reimbursable employer), you may continue to see pandemic assistance credits reflected on your monthly Reimbursable Benefit Payment Notice as claims for past weeks continue to be processed.  Credits will continue to be posted to charges as follows: 

  • 50% federal credit for weeks of unemployment 03/13/20 through 04/03/21
    • CARES Act and Continued Assistance Act
  • 50% state credit for weeks of unemployment 03/13/20 through 12/31/20
  • 75% federal credit for weeks of unemployment 04/04/21 through 06/26/21
    • American Rescue Plan

You can review benefit charges and pay any amount due online at

For questions please call (406) 444-3834, select option 6 and then option 2 or email

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